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Rising Food Prices, How They’re Effecting This Yellowknife Business

Food prices across the country are rising and food suppliers are warning grocery chains that further hikes are coming this fall. Yellowknife is unfortunately not immune to these rising costs, which don’t even factor in the increase in transportation costs due to increased fuel prices and labour shortages. The balance of rising food prices As a local food producer, we

Bush Order Provisions Year in Review – 2021

Bush Order Provisions Team

Welcome to the Bush Order Provisions 2021 Year in Review. We dig into the gritty challenges, personal struggles and the wins of starting a market garden and bakery in Yellowknife during a pandemic. Come along for this intimate look inside our lives, our business and our year.

Regenerative Agriculture and Our Approach to the Green Revolution of the 21st Century

Regenerative Agriculture goes beyond sustainable or organic agriculture. It is a method of growing improve soil health, reduces greenhouse gases and improves vegetable production. Here is how we are bringing regenerative agriculture to Yellowknife and the Northwest Territories.

Finding the right Property for Bush Order Provisions

Yellowknife Market Garden

Finding the right property for Bush Order Provisions was not an easy task. There were many variables including property size, existing infrastructure, and it needed to accommodate a secondary revenue stream. We were also somewhat restricted to the Kam Lake area as it is zoned for commercial agriculture, with a residential overlay. This is the story of how we found the right property for us.