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Bakery Lingo

This week while we were having a planning meeting for December we laughed at each other because of all the weird bakery lingo we were using. Had someone overheard our conversation they would likely have absolutely no idea what we were talk about. What we found interesting is that after 4-years of working together, first out of old garage, now

Tale of Two Sourdough Uses: Part 1

In our bakery we pride ourselves on baking entirely with a sourdough starter we created some 10 years ago after many failed attempts, long before the COVID-19 Sourdough craze. Over the past two years in the Bush Order Provisions bakery every loaf of bread that has come out of the oven has been naturally leavened, the term for sourdough bread.

Why does our Sourdough look like that?

We’re not always happy with the free-form loaves we are baking. They don’t always meet our standards of what a loaf of sourdough should look like, so we recently asked ourselves the question: Is it us, or is it our oven? Marie, who is our lead baker in the bakery every day of the week slinging dough, was the first

Market Day in the Bakery

Yellowknife Bakery

This year as many of you may know we have been adjusting to a new oven. Our propane convection oven broke – we believe the pilot safety valve gave out – and we haven’t found someone to help us fix it, and thus we have been using only our new-to-us Baker’s Pride deck oven. This

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