Growing and Baking in Yellowknife

An experimental market garden and micro-bakery

Welcome to Bush Order Provisions Ltd.

We are a small market-garden and bakery startup deeply rooted in Yellowknife with a focus on growing nutrient-dense produce, baking slow-fermented breads, bringing together locally produced products, and striving towards developing sustainable apiculture.

We invite you to partake in Bush Order Provisions Ltd. through our products, collaborations, and experiences.

Startup Fundraiser

We are building a Commercial Market Garden and Wholesale Artisan Bakery in Yellowknife. To do so we need your support to get us off – and in – the ground. Happening now we are running a fundraiser of great Bush Order Perks to help raise startup funds. Click below to help us out.

Yellowknife Bakery


Yellowknife Market Garden

Market Garden

Yellowknife Beehives


A Dream Coming to Realization

Kyle and Marie of Yellowknife

Meet the Family

Marie and Kyle are life long Yellowknifers with the education and passion for growing and producing high-quality food while sharing their knowledge and experience with the community.