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Building Bush Order – February 2021

Marie crop planning

This is a Bush Order Supporter update on the progress we have made on Bush Order throughout February.

We tried pizza, got renovations started, talked a lot of with our architect and mechanical engineer, started our crop planning and made some big decisions.

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Building Bush Order – January 2021

Bush Order Sweater

Hello Bush Order Supporters, It has been some time since we have reached out to you and provided an update on our ongoing progress. Many things have happened over the course of the last 3 months, since taking possession of our new property in Kam Lake. Here are some of those highlights, and struggles. We

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Finding the right Property for Bush Order Provisions

Yellowknife Market Garden

Finding the right property for Bush Order Provisions was not an easy task. There were many variables including property size, existing infrastructure, and it needed to accommodate a secondary revenue stream. We were also somewhat restricted to the Kam Lake area as it is zoned for commercial agriculture, with a residential overlay. This is the story of how we found the right property for us.

We decided to buy land. Not rent.

Land was the first thing that we decided we wanted to own when considering building our business. It is also the most expensive and sparsely available commodity in Yellowknife. Many have probably been asking why would they want to take on such a large expense during the onset of their new business? The answers is complex, one which we are

Getting Closer To Possession Date

I said as we started this journey and when we announced our plans that I wanted to chronically the steps we take. Well, there have been many steps to get us to just this point, which is barely the starting line, but I will get back to those one day soon. The idea is that these are short bursts of