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What We’re Reading – February 2024

This winter we have been trying to make a concerted effort to read more. It has just been so easy when the light is gone and the workday long, to cozy up on the couch the fall into step behind a screen, TV or Phone.

At the same time purchasing bread books and garden books is a real addiction too, regardless of if they get read or not. Well, Kyle experiences this anyways, but it benefits Marie too.

So, without establishing the long list of Bread and Market Gardening books we own, we thought we’d quickly share the books we are currently reading.

Floramama by Chloé Roy

This was a book that came recommended from Market Gardener legend Jean-Martin Fortier. We have many books on growing vegetables, but this book is all about growing organic cut flowers. Furthermore, is in French, which Marie loves as it helps keep her French skills sharp.

Growing wildflowers has always been on the tip of Marie’s mind. If you have joined us at the Farm Store over the summer, you can often see a box or two of wildflowers growing. This book will hopefully push us forward to do more and learn the finer details and ecology of growing flowers.

The idea of sharing a bouquet of non-traditional and organically grown flowers is beautiful and powerful all at the same time.

Find Floramama through the Yellowknife Book Cellar or Amazon.

The Lean Micro Farm by Ben Hartman

Ben Hartman’s first two books on the theory of lean farming were (are?) like bibles to us. His first book, simply titled The Lean Farm wasn’t so much a grower’s guide, but rather a book of principles and theory he had adapted on his multi-acre farm from other industries, specifically Toyota’s production line concepts. It is brilliant and really made us think about how we were setting up our Market Garden originally.

So now, with the release of The Lean Micro Farm we are ecstatic. He has written about his and his wife’s experience going from farming multiple acres to just 1/3 of an acre (the size of our farm). He brings in the theory of thinking big about small, how simplifying even further can increase productivity. While it is heavy on the philosophical, he does provide actionable information for the reader. Information we can’t wait to implement in the coming growing season.

Find The Lead Micro Farm through the Yellowknife Book Cellar or Amazon.

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