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Bush Order Provisions Ltd. maintains a commercially approved microgreen operation or vertical farm at our Kam Lake location in Yellowknife. Year-round we grow microgreens indoors and produce products for sale through our farm store, supporter-only online site and wholesale to restaurants and retailers.

What are Microgreens?

You have probably been exposed to or eat microgreens and not even noticed. They are a fan favourite of chefs and gourmands the world round. While they seem just like a last minute garnish an on otherwise small portion of food, there is some method to the madness of these purveyors.

Microgreens are the seedlings of edible vegetables and herbs that are grown densely packed under a controlled environment. From peas to sunflowers and cabbage to radish, there are over 25 different vegetables that can be grown this way, never mind additional varieties of each.

Microgreen Nutrients

Too often we think of micrgreens as just a visual aid, a garnish or a topper for another food, but these little plants may be small but they are packed with a concentrated dose of nutrients.

Microgreens are loaded with nutrients such as vitamins, C, E, and K, lutein, and beta-carotene, 40x more than their mature leaf counter parts.

Nutrients will vary across the wide array of micrgreens and mature vegetables can never be replaces, which is why we still grow them. However, micrgreens fill in gaps in our local food production, especially in winter, not to mention reducing food miles.

Microgreens Flavours

With microgreens being a concentrate of their mature counterpart it should come as no surprise that they are absolutely delicious embodying the flavours of their namesake. On their own they can be a wonderful snack of flavours, but adding different microgreens to a dish can spicy it up or calm it down.

Microgreens can also provide a nice textural contrast. Add a few microgreens to that dish, and your food can go a long way.

Where to find Bush Order Microgreens?

When in production microgreens can be found in the Bush Order Farm Store or can be ordered online through our Bush Order Premium Subscription. You can also find our microgreens at the Yellowknife Farmers Market June-September.