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Bush Order Fresh Food Association

Bush Order Fresh Food Association (BOFFA) is a registered and incorporated non-profit under the Societies Act of the Northwest Territories. BOFFA is partially funded by Bush Order Provisions Ltd. and is governed by a board of 5 community members.


To nurture and promote bio-intensive small-scale regenerative farming and food systems in the Northwest Territories that contributes to food sustainability and climate change mitigation. To help replace mass agriculture with agriculture by the masses.


  • Facilitate in the research of bio-intensive small-scale regenerative farming from a Northern and culturally appropriate lens.
  • Provide training on regenerative farming methods that strengthens and diversifies the northern workforce.
  • Promote and educate the development of organic nutrient-rich soil that contributes to a higher productivity of food and aids in carbon sequestration.
  • Foster the development of bio-intensive small-scale regenerative farms or market gardens in all Northwest Territories communities.