Bush Order Supporter

$5.00 / month



Marie and Kyle of Bush Order Provisions Ltd. are looking for your support for less than two (2) coffees a month to help build a sustainable food production business in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories.

Your support will go directly to supporting the development of a small-scale urban market-garden, but will also help bring to life a grander vision of a commercially operated market-garden, produce-growing greenhouse and wholesale bakery, with a rental commercial kitchen. You can learn more about the Bush Order vision here.

Supporters get access to members-only content about the Bush Order operation.

Bush Order Support Perks

  • Early members-only access to weekly Bush Order articles and video content
    • Urban and small-scale Market Gardening tips (bi-weekly),
    • Beekeeping in Yellowknife information and insights,
    • Sourdough baking and management information and insights,
    • Small-scale production for a Farmers Market (baking, growing, beekeeping),
    • DIY Projects
    • Exploration of Zone ob farming.
  • Live Monthly Q&A Session
  • Additional Zone 0b (Yellowknife) growing data
  • Recognition on our website
  • Acknowledgement that you are supporting the establishment of a sustainable food production operation in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories.