Embracing the Slow Build to Possession Day

To the best of our abilities, we would like to send out updates to those who have contributed to our start up or who are just interested in our journey.

We know it is a unique one, so we too want to document it as best we can and we will do that here.

Since the early days in 2019 when Marie and I threw around ideas of some sort of market garden/bakery/food processing facility we knew it would be a slow process. And building Bush Order would be a slow build. Like our slow-fermented bread ;).

We know that building a successful business takes time and that timelines are almost meaningless when trying to plan accurately. We have both seen far too many businesses ahead of us watch timelines come and go to know that they are anything but concrete.

As such, we watched our possession date of October 13th, which was also originally October 5th, come and go like the wind that was so prevalent earlier this month.

This ultimately was out of our control, but not all that surprising to us.

We have come to learn that there are so many facets to purchasing a property as a business, especially the way we have setup our financing.

When the banks are gauging whether or not to finance your purchase they don’t simply look at your personal credit as they would for a house purchase. They look at any historical earning your business might have (ours has none), they look at your business plan, they look at financial projections, they look at how much of the property will you be using and for what, and they look at your personal credit.

Then once all those things are met after going back and forth hundreds of times, adjusting details slightly here and there, there are more details and barriers to be overcome. However our journey navigating the financing of our property purchase will be for another post.

All of this is to say, that on October 29th the money, through the lawyers, went through to the vendor. And no amount of words will truly describe the feeling of getting a text from the vendor letting us know they received the money and the keys were ready to be picked up.

Now, 11 months after we first started writing our business plan, the real work starts.

Stay tuned as we delve into what it took to get to this point and what is to come. Slowly but surely, to come.

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