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Support the start-up of a commercial-scale market garden (farm) and artisanal bakery in Yellowknife, NWT.


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Bush Order Provisions is a Market Garden (Urban Farm) and Bakery, operated by long-time Yellowknifers Kyle Thomas and Marie-Christine Auger. As a successful 2020 summer season wraps up, Bush Order has big dreams leading into 2021 of expanding onto commercial land for growing fresh, local produce and baking nutrient-dense whole-grain artisan sourdough bread. We need your help to accomplish this ambitious goal.

Our Story

We are passionate about growing food and baking high-quality, nutrient-dense bread for our community. As Knifers who have called this great community home since we were children, we want to give back in an impactful way and have the community be a part of our journey. Having both worked in food production in different ways and seen how greater food security is needed in Yellowknife and the Northwest Territories,, we decided to start Bush Order Provisions Ltd. 

Who Are We

Marie Auger is a horticulturist with education and experience in agricultural food production in northern climates. She has experience working on several small scale farms in British Columbia and right here in Yellowknife. She has grown and sold produce through the Yellowknife Farmers Market and assisted Kyle in the bakery for multiple years. Experimentally, Marie has also been establishing the Bush Order honey bee apiary. Marie believes that a sustainable food system all starts with mastering seed starting, without that we are still too reliant on an out-of-territory production chain, and she is certainly not afraid to get her hands dirty… or stung by bees.

Kyle Thomas has been operating a micro-bakery, called With Bread, since 2013. Since its establishment, the bakery has sold bread through the Yellowknife Farmers Market with much popularity. As a bread lover, Kyle is fixated on understanding the how to’s of baking wholesome naturally-leavened bread, something Yellowknife stores don’t currently provide. The science of how nutrient-dense bread is made and how our bodies digest and pull nutrients from it goes far beyond thinking bread is simply a carb. Kyle is also a tinkerer, builder and all around DIY specialist.

Northern Food Security and Food Economy 

The Northwest Territories, with a focus on our home community of Yellowknife, is too heavily reliant on food produced far away. Food availability has been a problem for Yellowknife but really put into focus during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our food system is also marred by high food prices for subpar products and a shortened shelf life for fresh products. 

By growing from seed and baking from raw organic flours, we are working towards combating food miles, while also producing higher quality products without the need for shelf-stabilizing additives.     

At the same time we see many young people, like ourselves, heading off to post-secondary school to learn about agriculture and certain culinary arts but have little career prospects when they return to the North in those fields. We want to change that. We want to make agriculture and artisan baking a viable career for residents of the North.

Bush Order Urban Market Garden and Micro-Bakery – 2020

In May of 2020, we started very small and launched Bush Order Provisions Ltd. at our residential home. We converted 750 sq.ft.  into growing space where we have been supplying 15 families a small bag (CSA) of fresh vegetables each week over the summer. At the same time, we have expanded our bakery operation to twice a week with order pickups on Fridays as well as the Farmers Market.

The response has been overwhelmingly positive, both from our current customers, and from many community members eager to participate next year. This has solidified to us that we need to grow and produce even more local food.

Next Step: Expanding Bush Order!

Commercial Market Garden and Wholesale Bakery – 2021

To fulfil the demand, make a bigger dent in food security in Yellowknife, take our passion full-time and share our dream with the community, we have purchased commercial land in Yellowknife. 

Our goal is to own and operate a Commercial Market Garden with at least 10,000 sq.ft. of growing space and eventually a heated greenhouse, while also operating a year-round wholesale artisan bakery. 

We are planning a place where food is grown intensively and systematically, where resources can be shared between the gardens and bakery. A place where honey bees pollinate crops, and excess honey is used in bread products. And a circular system where waste products are turned over into compost, which then gives the soil essential growing nutrients. A place where the community can visit and see where their food comes from. 

What started in November 2019 with a draft business plan, led to searching for a commercial property in January 2020. After viewing several we received an accepted offer on a plot of land in May 2020. Since then we have been working tirelessly to line up financing to fund our start-up.

In late September our financing was approved for a large part of our startup costs but we still need to source $40,000 for part of the down payment, renovations costs and additional startup costs we didn’t account for at the time of our application.

We need your help.

The Ask For Support

We are asking for your help either through a donation to our business or through the purchase of Bush Order Perks (products and services), found to the right or below.

Like a Kickstarter Campaign. 😃

Your support means a lot to us, so we hope the perks we have put together show our appreciation of the community and are able to bring you some pleasure. 

We will be running this campaign until we open the new Bush Order Provisions Kitchen (May 2021?).

The funds raised through this campaign go directly to us and directly to reaching our goal. There is no middle-person. 100% of your contribution will go to bringing a commercial agriculture and artisan bakery business to life in Yellowknife.

We are eternally grateful for the support Yellowknife has already shown us and we are committed to bringing further food security and great locally produced products to the community.